How we safely launched our Charity Kitchen Program

April 27, 2020

Phyllis C. Managing Director | China

The call for people to support such a cause and be part of the communal solution was very powerful.

Throughout the COVID crisis, we have made “Passion for Good” our brand motto, working to support our communities.

But we had to support our employees and volunteers first, so that they felt safe and secure playing a role in the larger relief effort. 

Our restaurants in Wuhan had been closed for several weeks to support public health efforts by helping prevent the spread of the virus. As a way to further support public servants in the community we wanted to give out free meals, so we launched a Wuhan “Charity Kitchen Program” to open a kitchen dedicated to cooking meals to be given to hospital workers.

Volunteers prepare free meals for donation

Free meals for public service members are safely prepared.

Operating the kitchen and delivering the meals meant we needed employees and volunteers. Within 24 hours we had 300 volunteer applications.

To ensure that these volunteers as well as our employees could safely and comfortably serve their communities, we secured donations of safety goggles and protective suits from our suppliers. Meanwhile, we provided special pay for our frontline crew and managers, and offered financial support. Our restaurants were professionally cleaned and disinfected with exceptional safety, hygiene and care. And we implemented contactless exchanges, temperature checks, and required face masks among navigating many other operational challenges.

McDonald's crew member cleans and sanitizes a delivery box

Delivery boxes are cleaned and sanitized immediately after their return to the restaurants.

We are - and continue to be -  overwhelmed by the generous spirit of our employees and volunteers as we looked for opportunities to serve our communities. Everyone came together to play their part. And we are proud to be able to do our part so that these employees and volunteers know that they are valued, appreciated, and most important, safe and supported as we all work to move forward.

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