McDonald’s USA Continues to Evolve the Happy Meal

November 15, 2018

The Happy Meal has been enjoyed by families around the world for decades, and just as every family around the world is different, our Happy Meal changes with them. Whether you’re enjoying a meal at a McDonald’s restaurant or on-the-go, we want to do our part to provide the Happy Meal that’s right for your family by making sure you’re aware of some of the newer changes to the Happy Meal menu that we’re offering.

 We listen to what our customers want and work on making changes to our food and offerings based on what their desires are.  We’ve evolved the Happy Meal in the US starting in 2012 when we automatically included Apple Slices in every Happy Meal.  Since then, we’ve continued to add new offerings and make changes to core items like removing artificial preservatives from our Chicken McNuggets. Followed by our most recent announcement in September that our classic burgers including the hamburger have no artificial preservatives, no artificial flavors and no added colors from artificial sources. The pickle contains an artificial preservative, and customers are able to skip it if they prefer.

Now, we’re spreading the news that our Happy Meal menus across the U.S. offer reformulated Yoplait® Go-GURT® Low Fat Strawberry Yogurt as of this month. Made exclusively for McDonald’s, it now contains no artificial preservatives, still does not have colors or flavors from artificial sources and provides 25% less sugar than the leading kids’ Yogurt.*  

Also, we’ve included the Dasani® bottled water as a featured beverage choice for all Happy Meals. Next time you drive through our restaurant or come inside, you’ll see it prominently displayed on our menu boards as a choice for a Happy Meal beverage. In 2018, we recommitted to families by launching our Global Happy Meal Goals. We take these goals seriously and are proud to continue our work with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation to provide more access and choices to low-fat dairy and water.

Anne Ferree, Chief Strategy and Partnership Officer at the Alliance for a Healthier Generation noted: “The voluntary agreements we have negotiated and supported with McDonald’s over the past five years have led to increases in customers’ access to fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy and water, especially for Happy Meals for kids. These latest changes are another step forward towards the goals McDonald’s set through their agreement with Healthier Generation in February.”

“As a mom, I’m proud we are always working to build a better McDonald’s and we’re proud to say that McDonald’s USA and markets around the world are making progress on our Global Happy Meal Goals” says Dr. Cindy Goody, Head of Ingredients and Nutrition,  McDonald’s USA. And if you haven’t already heard, every meal combination offered on Happy Meal menu boards in the U.S. are 600 calories or less. We hope no matter which combo you choose, you feel good choosing it!

For more information about the ingredients and nutrition in our U.S. Happy Meals, visit Make 'Em Smile with a Happy Meal.