The ingredients in our Crispy Chicken Sandwich may surprise you

February 16, 2021

Our new Crispy Chicken Sandwich has been years in the making. Several, delicious years. 

Before it hits U.S. restaurants as a core menu item for the first time, let’s break down the sandwich (fair warning – it will make you hungry). 

First, there’s the chicken fillet, made with all-white meat. It’s the exact same kind of chicken fillet you’d buy from the grocery store to prepare at home. The fillet on our Crispy Chicken Sandwich is so thick and juicy, it earns its place as the star of the sandwich (we're talking a perfect bread-to-meat ratio). And we’ve spent over a year working with suppliers and Owner/Operators to make sure the chicken fillet on our sandwich is the perfect amount of juicy, every single time you take a bite. 

Then, there’s the light, crispy coating on our chicken fillet. Let’s be real – the chicken is the star of this show. But the crispiness doesn't hurt. 

We mentioned we worked with suppliers to develop a brand new potato roll bun to “sandwich” the chicken. Did we mention the roll is toasted and brushed with real butter? We also chose the perfect crinkle-cut pickles to give every Crispy Chicken Sandwich a satisfying crunch. 

You may call our Crispy Chicken Sandwich “delicious.” Our suppliers – the people who’ve tried and helped perfect it – call it “mouthwatering.” They say it “tastes just like what I make at home.”

You’re gonna love it.

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