McDonald’s franchisees continue to bring positivity and comfort to their communities

April 02, 2020

McDonald's employee delivers meal to senior citizen.

In the midst of what has become the “new normal,” McDonald’s franchisees (Owner/Operators) have stepped up to give back to their communities. As local business owners, they are generating waves of optimism on an extraordinary scale, coast to coast.

The stories are powerful and the impact is real, extending across the entire #McFamily.

With schools closed, they are providing meals to families who rely on school lunches.  

With local schools closed, Owner/Operator Scott Taylor and his general manager Soledad Rodriguez offered free Happy Meals to customers in Manchester, Conn. with the purchase of any other item to ensure parents can access meals for their children while other options are unavailable. Rodriguez explained, “I’m a single mom with three girls. I’m fortunate enough to still feed my kids lunch without the school, but I know that some parents might not be able to.”

On the first day of the offer, 120 Happy Meals were provided to local children. This iconic red box continues to signal a fun, family moment even in times of adversity. 

They are going above and beyond for customers in need.

While on break, Merlinda Waldrop, a crew member in Taft, Calif., came across a truck driver whose truck couldn’t clear the drive-thru. Merlinda offered to run inside to get the customer his favorite McDonald’s menu items. Other truck drivers have taken notice of the excellent customer service they’ve received from team members, saying they feel they’re “being treated equally and as family.”

Appreciative trucker shares his story on Facebook.

At McDonald’s, we are in this together with our valued friends in the trucking and transportation industry. We thank you for everything you are doing to keep essential parts of our economy going. Read more about our commitment to supporting America’s truck drivers.

They’re spreading cheer to those who need it most.

In Michigan, Owner/Operator James Molyneux and his team have organized food and toy donations for organizations that have been significantly impacted by the crisis, including schools, women’s shelters and food banks. And the help doesn’t stop there. They are also delivering fresh muffins for healthcare facilities, senior housing and veteran centers to sweeten up their days.

And, of course, our customers are doing their part to make a difference.

At Fred Huebner’s restaurant in Garner, N.C., one McDonald’s customer gave $200 and asked that it be used to cover as many following orders as possible. This act sparked a chain reaction of kindness, as after being told their meals were paid for by a generous customer before them, more and more customers added to the original donation, covering almost 20 orders.

Customers across the country are demonstrating generosity in our drive-thrus. Guests at Twila Mezan’s Follansbee, W.Va. restaurant also started a “pay it forward” chain, which lasted over an hour.  Mezan put it best, saying, “We are all in this thing together. We truly understand that we are all the same – no difference between one car to the next….we don’t know what tomorrow brings. But we’re here serving our community with a smile on our face and people appreciate it.”

We are inspired and humbled by the efforts of McDonald’s franchisees during these challenging times, which remind us we’ll get through this together – one act of kindness at a time.  

About McDonald’s Corp. U.S. COVID-19 Relief Efforts

McDonald’s approach to challenging situations is guided by our belief that we are all in this together, and our system has come together in extraordinary ways to help each other, our customers and the communities we serve. In the U.S. we remain committed to leading by example as an organization, which is why we’ve made commitments to support truck drivers across the country, donated 400,000 KF94 masks to the State of Illinois emergency operation center and donated $1 Million to the Illinois COVID-19 Response Fund to ensure non-profits in our home state have the supplies they need during this time. McDonald’s has always been a home base for our communities, and we’re proud to provide calm and comfort to them during this crisis. We are here to serve.

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