A New Year and A New Look: McDonald's Global Packaging Launches In Style

January 07, 2016

Starting this month, McDonald’s restaurants in the United States will unveil new carry-out bags, fountain beverage cups and sandwich boxes.  The new look is simple, fresh and consistent with the company’s vision to be a modern and progressive burger company.  The new packaging rollout will expand worldwide to 36,000+ restaurants throughout 2016. 
To celebrate the unveiling of its new packaging, McDonald’s enlisted the help of the South Florida franchise who brought the company the McDCouture Fashion Show last November.  The Cabrera/Bentancourt organization, which consists of 20 McDonald’s restaurants in South Florida, made fashion history by working with students from Miami International University of Art and Design to compose the couture collection.  The talented students created an original collection designed entirely out of the company’s signature food packaging. From fry box frocks to coffee cup couture and ready-to-wear wrappers, the McDCouture Collection was the highlight of Funkshion Fashion Week in Miami Beach. 
As part of the new packaging launch, two students from the design school were selected to create one-of-a-kind accessories using the new packaging. Current student Pablo Machado and recent graduate Ricardo Hardouin were given 48 hours to create fashionable items to complement any wardrobe.  The dynamic duo channeled their creativity to create an assortment of must-have accessories for McDonald’s by using 50 bags, 72 straws, 22 cups, eight sandwich boxes along with some bling, including rhinestones and pearls.  The collection includes a sun hat that is brimming with style, a pair of straw-spiked shoes, four handbags that can hold a Big Mac or a lipstick, and a backpack that is perfect for a hands-free, active look.
“McDonald’s is a fun and modern brand and this was a progressive way to turn our packaging into art and support a community where fashion is an expression,” said Matt Biespiel, senior director of Global Marketing.  “Every day 69 million customers visit McDonald’s around the world and this new packaging will be a noticeable change.  It was fun to join these ideas together and create playful pieces that connect our customers to the Brand.” 
Not only is the packaging fun and modern, it also means something to McDonald’s customers.  The company has committed to sourcing 100% of all fiber-based packaging from recycled or certified sources by 2020.  “We’re proud of the progress we’ve made and initiatives like this are important to our customers who care about the planet,” continued Biespiel.