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July 30, 2020

McDonald's | Worldwide

McDonald’s franchisees, suppliers and employees recently came together for the first global all-System virtual gathering in our 65-year history. Here are all of the can’t-miss moments from the groundbreaking event:

We reunited as a McFamily.

The first Worldwide Connection was historic. We brought together all three legs of the McDonald’s stool to celebrate the values that make this family so special and honor the incredible strength it demonstrated during the last few months. Now it’s time to build on those strengths, look ahead and start the next chapter of our McFamily story.

CEO Chris Kempczinski opens the first global all-System virtual gathering in our 65-year history.

We refreshed our values.

As courageous decisions are being made across the McDonald’s System in response to COVID-19, it seems like now is the time to clarify what guides us and what we stand for. So, that's exactly what we’ve done. Over the past six months, we asked for feedback from across the McDonald’s family and are proud to recommit to a set of core values:

Serve: We Put Our Customers and People First

Inclusion: We Open Our Doors to Everyone

Integrity: We Do the Right Thing

Community: We Are Good Neighbors

Family: We Get Better Together

CEO Chris Kempczinski on what guides us and what we stand for as a company.

We celebrated a Supply Chain that never broke.

While the industry struggled to maintain its supply during the early days of the global pandemic, McDonald’s did not. Our Supply Chain team took quick and decisive action, leveraging its amazing network of suppliers to keep providing food and important resources to many of the 38,000+ restaurants in 100+ markets. We didn’t have a single break in supply globally.

Chief Supply Chain and Sustainability Officer Francesca DeBiase on a supply chain that can withstand a pandemic.

Ian Borden, President, McDonald’s International on McDonald’s proactive work to support its local communities and front-line workers during difficult times.

Our franchisees, suppliers, and corporate employees rallied together around a cause closest to our hearts, RMHC.

Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) has been helping families with ill or injured children across the globe for decades, and the McDonald’s System has been RMHC’s partner every step of the way. This year, the global pandemic created new challenges for RMHC. In response, McDonald’s suppliers and franchisees around the world rallied together to help RMHC in impressive, all-new ways, grounded in McDonald's refreshed values:

RMHC CEO Sheila Musolino on the System’s unfailing support for families and children during the pandemic.

We shared our thoughtful, judicious and market-specific approach to re-opening our restaurants around the world. 

McDonald’s has been taking a thoughtful, judicious and market-specific approach to re-opening our restaurants around the world. Our customers and crew are walking through our doors every day with a strong sense that our standards are leading standards – while also fit for specific needs of the different cities we’re in. We shined a light on how Owner/Operators are approaching both the customer and crew experience at their restaurants and how we’ve shared our experience with others in the industry.

Joe Erlinger, President, McDonald’s USA, on McDonald’s thoughtful, judicious and market-specific approach to re-opening restaurants.

We shared the essential work we’re doing to drive societal change in the area of Diversity & Inclusion.

As we say, McDonald’s doors are open to everyone. Now, we must make sure that when a person comes inside, they feel welcomed and have an equitable chance to thrive. That’s why we’re proud to share the important work our Global Strategic Advisory Counsel has been doing to help bring overdue societal change in the area of Diversity & Inclusion. Going forward, McDonald's will use our influence and scale to accelerate meaningful and overdue societal change for our employees, franchisees, suppliers, customers and communities.

McDonald’s Executive Vice President and Global Chief People Officer Heidi Capozzi on ensuring everyone feels welcomed and has a fair chance to thrive.

As a System, we’re ready to move forward.

This has been a difficult year. Let’s continue to support one another and do the hard work necessary to build back even stronger than before. We are respected as a company, but to be admired and trusted, we must continue to live our values every day.

CEO Chris Kempczinski on how we’ll build back even stronger than before.

Watch the full video here.

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