How We’re Partnering with Loop to Innovate Packaging and Reduce Waste

September 10, 2020


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What will it take to pilot a reusable cup? McDonald’s Jenny McColloch and TerraCycle CEO Tom Szaky discuss our new partnership with Loop, Terracycle’s zero-waste service.

We’re on a journey to rethink how we package products.

Why? Because we want to keep waste out of nature and keep valuable materials in use.

Today we’re taking a new step in this journey by partnering with TerraCycle’s Loop, a circular packaging service, to test a reusable cup for hot drinks. The pilot is set to begin in early 2021 at select UK restaurants.

Customers will take their favorite McDonald’s hot drinks on-the-go in a durable Loop-created cup, and can return the cups to participating McDonald’s restaurants. The cups are collected to be individually cleaned and sanitized at a dedicated facility after each use, according to hygiene and safety standards that are paramount to McDonald's, ensuring the reuse system will be hygienic and safe.

In the video linked above, McDonald’s Jenny McColloch, Vice President, Global Sustainability, and TerraCycle CEO Tom Szaky discuss our new partnership, the Loop model and the learnings we hope to gather from the test in order to scale a solution globally – the ultimate goal, both agree.

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