McDonald’s Switzerland Warms Up Winter with the McBretzel and McRaclette

January 11, 2016

January 11, 2016 McDonald’s Switzerland recently launched their Winter Weeks food promotion introducing the new McBretzel alongside a returning Swiss favorite the McRaclette.

Developed in collaboration with Chef Roman Okle from the famous Swiss cheese company, Emmi and the 2015 captain of the Swiss national cooking team, the McBretzel was created using the typical Swiss ingredients and designed to ward off the cold that inevitably comes at this time of year.  Crafted with succulent Swiss beef, two spicy Emmi cheese slices, hot mustard chutney, rocket salad, onions and a spicy house sauce, all held together with the popular lye roll.

The returning favorite McRaclette is the modern take on the classic Swiss dish raclette and a popular former menu item. Traditionally, raclette is a wheel of cheese served heated to spread on food, but McDonald’s Switzerland decided to reinvent the raclette wheel and produce their own version. The contains Swiss beef and three Emmi raclette cheese slices as well as several other ingredients, and is already one of the most popular sandwiches with Swiss customers.

“We wanted to draw inspiration from what Swiss people like to eat. Therefore, we decided to bring the popular McRaclette back during the Winter Weeks offer.” Explained Thomas Truttmann, Vice President, Marketing, Communications, Public Affairs & Supply Chain, McDonald’s Switzerland.  “Additionally, we decided to surprise our customers with a wintry innovation to celebration the season – the McBretzel’.”

The McBretzel and McRaclette are sold in all 163 restaurants across Switzerland and Liechtenstein and available until February 14th.