Statement from McDonald’s Corporation in Response to Mr. Icahn’s Media Outreach

April 21, 2022

CHICAGO, April 21, 2022 – McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE: MCD) today issued the following statement in response to Carl Icahn: 

McDonald’s cares about the health and welfare of the animals in our supply chain and has long led the industry with our animal welfare commitments. Our pioneering 2012 commitment regarding group housing for pregnant sows was shaped with input from industry experts and the American Association of Swine Veterinarians. It led to a step-change in the industry, with a commonly adopted approach to group housing.

McDonald’s only sources approximately 1% of U.S. pork production and does not own any sows, or produce or package pork. Despite McDonald’s progress on our commitment to source from producers who do not use gestational crates for pregnant sows, Mr. Icahn has asked for new commitments. These include requiring all of McDonald’s U.S. pork suppliers to move to “crate-free” pork and set specific timeframes for doing so.

The definition of “crate-free,” conjured up by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), is so obscure that it represents an extremely niche market comprising less than 0.1% of U.S. pork production. This presents a challenge of supply. What Mr. Icahn is demanding from McDonald’s and other companies is completely unfeasible. Based on current estimates, McDonald’s would require at least 300-400 times the animals housed today in “crate-free” systems to keep our supply chain running. It also presents a cost challenge. McDonald’s today pays a premium to purchase group-housed pork in accordance with our 2012 commitment. Sourcing from this niche market, as Mr. Icahn, his Director nominees – Maisie Ganzler and Leslie Samuelrich – and HSUS suggest, would significantly increase those costs, placing a burden on all aspects of our business, our supply chain and McDonald’s customers, while lacking the broad support of industry experts.

Mr. Icahn asserts that McDonald’s customers “want food that is sourced ethically, responsibly, and humanely.” We agree, and we take our role in providing that seriously. Value and accessibility are also important, particularly as customers confront rising costs in all aspects of daily life. Lacking broad support from industry experts, his campaign would have one certain outcome: a greater financial burden on customers.

In addition to the financial burden this would place on customers, Mr. Icahn has also failed to address the inherent hypocrisy of his campaign. Mr. Icahn is the majority owner of Viskase, a company that produces and supplies packaging for the pork and poultry industry. Viskase has no public commitments similar to those McDonald’s championed in 2012 and does not limit its business to meat producers who raise their animals in the “crate-free” housing systems espoused by HSUS. 

As we shared in our 2022 Proxy statement, under the current Board’s leadership, McDonald’s has led the industry not only in animal welfare but across the most pressing ESG matters. Mr. Icahn has nominated two candidates to stand for election at McDonald’s 2022 Annual Meeting and has made it clear that his nomination relates to the very narrow issue of his campaign.

In so doing, Mr. Icahn would seek to remove valuable directors with strong track records from the McDonald’s Board and replace them with single-platform nominees that not only lack public company board experience, but also the expertise and qualifications to add meaningful value to the majority of issues regularly faced by the McDonald’s Board. McDonald’s shareholders deserve better.

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