They’re caring for us, so we’re comforting them

April 26, 2020

Tracy and Tom J. | Franchisees | Panama City, Florida, USA


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We brought meals to our front line doctors & nurses working both the day and late night shift.

The doctors and nurses working the night shift at our local Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center are on the front lines of the fight against the pandemic. When we witnessed all the work that they are doing, we knew we had to find some way to give back.

So we offered the best form of comfort we know of—a hot meal. To bring a little bit of joy to their 12 hour shifts, and to simply let them know how much we appreciate what they’re doing, we brought them meals free of charge as a thank you. 

Delivering food to our local caregivers is a way for us to give back to the people who are sacrificing so much to aid our community during this time. After Hurricane Michael, our community came together in ways I have never seen. After living through that tragedy, I have confidence knowing our community will band together, support each other and come out of this even stronger.

It was a small gesture in light of the huge sacrifices our healthcare workers are making as we all work through this crisis.

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