Where You Want To Be: The Meaning Of Mentorship

March 14, 2019

The “Where You Want To Be” campaign is McDonald’s new effort to help restaurant employees with their long-term career plans which includes a career advising service element offered through the company’s comprehensive education program, Archways to Opportunity

Last year, we issued our Workforce Preparedness Study that sought to understand American opinion of skills development and workforce preparedness across generations. As part of this study, we found out the top desired industries of restaurant employees.  

Then we took that information and partnered select restaurant employees with industry experts in the top five industries to give them a chance to experience their future careers under the wings of an expert.Eligible McDonald’s U.S. restaurant employees interested in taking part in the career shadow experience were invited to submit a short video application in which they described which of the top five career fields were of most interest to them and how the skills they’re learning at McDonald’s today will help them get there.

Throughout January and February, the five selected restaurant employees received a career shadow day with their industry expert that gave them a glimpse into their future careers. 

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