We’re making meals for Metro workers

May 22, 2020

Antoni M. | Managing Director, McDonald’s Korea | South Korea

We’re supporting the unsung heroes of Seoul.

The cleaning and disinfection staff on our transport system are our unsung heroes.

Here in South Korea, we’re doing what we can to support each other. To date, we’ve donated over 8,000 burgers and cups of coffee to subway cleaning staff through the Seoul Volunteer Center. We’ve also delivered 4,000 McDonald’s meal coupons to cleaning and disinfection staff of Seoul Metro Environment and Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation, which manage Subway Line No 1-4 and 5-8, respectively.

The cleaning and disinfection staff on our transport system are our unsung heroes. They’re risking their own safety inside subways and stations where so many people transit. So it’s important that we support them and make sure they’re not skipping meals or going hungry.

Free burgers bound for frontline workers await pickup in a lobby. On top of the box is a Thank You letter showing gratitude for their service.

A box of free burgers set to be delivered to much deserving frontline workers.

That’s not all we’re doing. In addition to donating to the Seoul Metro and Daegu Metro cleaning staff, we’re supporting firefighters, medical staff, children and vulnerable residents. We’ve reached 50,000 people through our campaign, which is giving away free burgers to people in need. We’re passionate about supporting members of our community who are doing what they can to mitigate the crisis.

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