Top 5 tips for a hotter, juicier #NationalSelfieDay

June 20, 2018

How to take a hotter and juicier selfie: selfie tips for #NationalSelfieDay

In celebration of #NationalSelfieDay, McDonald’s ® – the makers of the Frork – unveiled the Frylus, a selfie accessory you never knew you wanted or needed (until now). Why the Frylus? Because McDonald’s hotter** and juicier** 100% fresh beef*** Quarter Pounder®* burgers will leave you speechless, and your hands a little messy.

A shareworthy selfie can be easy with the Frylus! You will have the chance to get your hands on one of 100,000 Fryluses at more than 2,000 participating McDonald’s with the purchase of a 100% fresh beef Quarter Pounder®, while supplies last.

And to help you capture a hotter, juicier selfie, here are 5 tips for #NationalSelfieDay:


First thing’s first when it comes to selfies: check the lighting. As soon as you open up the camera, look around. What’s its source? What direction is it coming from? Much like “amateur” model Kirby Jenner demonstrating the Frylus in our fashion film... search for answers. Answers like:

  • The more natural light, the better the selfie. Think windows or outdoors – but photographer lighting can work too. And if you can time it right, snap that selfie at golden hour!
  • Use the camera to block the sun to avoid squinting and unwanted brightness.
  • When natural light is available, make sure you are facing it. Don’t turn your back to it!
  • And make sure that light’s not TOO bright. That could lead to washed out colors, squinting, odd shadows... that’s a big no-no for #NationalSelfieDay.


You don’t have to be a model to know your selfie angles. The trick is in tilting your face to avoid the harshness of a straight-on shot. That perfect selfie angle is just a few moves away!

  • Check yourself out…in a mirror. The way your unique facial features tilt to the right or left will show you the way to the perfect selfie angle. If your facial structure is more angled on the right, tilt to the left.  
  • Just tilting your head shows off more of your bone structure. But if you’re facing direct light, make sure to tilt down to avoid shadows.


There’s just as much off-camera work that goes into the perf selfie. As you’re serving up a look, move your phone around to find the right pairing of phone angle and face angle.

  • When in doubt, lift your phone! Keep it above your chin to keep it flattering.
  • But don’t go too high! You’ll risk taking a selfie that might make you look too small.


Adding an accessory can take your selfie to the next level, so make sure it’s featured right.

  • Always bring the accessory close to the camera, not you. It will help with the camera depth and focus. Show it off!
  • Face your wrist outward when selfie-ing that accessory – more accessory, less arm.
  • Don’t let your background be an unwanted accessory! A cluttered background can distract from your lovely


Lastly, take your selfies when you’re feeling fresh, clean and mess-free. It’s why McDonald’s made the Frylus – the mess-resistant fry stylus and foldable stand that really works, kinda.

  • If you’re selfie-ing with something a little bit messy, like the new 100% fresh beef Quarter Pounder®, use the Frylus. It drops Thursday, #NationalSelfieDay, at one of the more than 2,000 participating McDonald’s, to help you take keep that selfie 100% fresh.
  • Take as many selfie shots as you want because first and foremost, it should make you happy, not

Happy snapping!

(C) 2018 McDonald's

*Weight before cooking 4 oz.

**Compared to prior 1/4 lb. beef patty

***Available at most restaurants in contiguous US.  Not available in Alaska, Hawaii and US Territories.