This West Virginia Owner/Operator is Helping Students Get into College

May 27, 2021

This West Virginia Owner/Operator is Helping Students Get into College

Over the past seven years, West Virginia McDonald’s Owner/Operator John Ebert Jr. has helped prepare more than 3,000 high school juniors and seniors for the ACT standardized college admissions test. 

His goal is to help students in his community earn the test scores they need to get into college – and scores high enough to merit thousands of dollars in scholarships. 

John decided to start his ACT test prep course because he knows some high school students in West Virginia struggle to achieve high scores on the Math section of the test. Consequently, his course specifically focuses on math problems students are likely to encounter when taking the ACT. 

If students score highly on the Math section of the test, their overall ACT scores can climb as well. The higher a student’s ACT score, the more likely they are to get into college – and the more likely they are to receive scholarships. 

The ACT is typically offered around six times a year. A few days before each exam date, John and a few local teachers come together to host their 3-hour course for students across West Virginia. The course is free for students – and students who work for John’s McDonald’s restaurant actually get paid to participate.

In 2020, John’s courses were held virtually, but John is excited to meet with students in person once again.

John is passionate about helping local students achieve their dreams of attending college, and we’re proud of how he serves his community inside and outside of his restaurant.

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