With our hours reduced, we partnered with ALDI to keep serving our community

May 22, 2020

Sandra M. | Chief People Officer | Germany


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We wanted to ensure that our employees could continue to work.

The pandemic forced us to cut hours in many of our restaurants so McDonald's Germany partnered with ALDI in Germany to come up with a solution that supported everyone.

The COVID-19 crisis has affected our McDonald’s family and the ALDI family in different ways. Grocery stores like ALDI were left understaffed. Meanwhile, at some of McDonald’s restaurants, we had to cut staff time because restaurant hours were limited as a response to the outbreak. But we still wanted to give our staff the possibility to work, and there was a lot to be done to make sure our communities could still get the food items they needed. So in a unique partnership with ALDI, McDonald's employees who wanted to keep working were able to do so by filling in at the grocery stores.

The top priority was job security, and planning for the future of our employees and franchisees. We wanted to ensure that our employees could continue to work.

Nobody is benefitting from this crisis, but through this partnership, we are happy that McDonald’s and ALDI have found a way to support each other, our workers and our community.

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