Preparing for a new normal

June 30, 2020

Micaela B. | First Manager, McDonald’s | Gaia Mafamude, Portugal


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We’re taking measures to help ensure a safe McDonald’s experience for everyone who walks through our doors.
Access Safety first for our crew and community | McFamily video with audio descriptions on YouTube.

When I saw customers and crew in our restaurants again, I felt like I was finally able to return to normal. It’s a new normal, but a necessary one.

In Portugal, we’re helping protect customers and crew with enhanced safety measures to help everyone enjoy the McDonald’s experience, even in the time of COVID-19.

For the longest time, I wanted more than anything to get back to my daily routine. But as a manager responsible for so many people, reopening our doors during a pandemic initially gave me some apprehension.

Soon after, though, I learned about the range of new safety features that the restaurant was putting into place to give everyone the peace of mind they deserve. 

Our crew and customers wanted safety and hygiene procedures they can see. So, in addition to continuing to follow the Food Safety procedures we have in place in our restaurants around the world, we took this as a challenge to raise awareness for all the precautions society should be taking right now, not just at McDonald’s.

Through necessary and appropriate communication with customers and crew, the safety measures have been easy to implement. And the results have been incredible. After seeing everything we’d done to help ensure our crew and customers’ safety, my worries disappeared.

Our crew has been so quick to adapt to the new normal of the moment we’re living in. Customers and crew need these measures in place to feel safe, so making them happen was a no brainer. Walking into the restaurant has helped me feel normal for the first time in months, and I hope everyone walking in and out of our doors feels the same.

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