McDonald’s New Renewable Energy Deals Explained

November 07, 2019


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Renewable energy is a significant part of our strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across McDonald’s restaurants and offices. Today we’re taking another big step in the that direction by signing on to two Texas-based ventures, a wind project and solar project, that once online are expected to add more renewable energy to the nation’s power supply than any other U.S. restaurant company to date.

5 Ways McDonald’s USA is Plugging into Renewable Energy

The two U.S. investments we announced, called large-scale virtual power purchase agreements, are a first in the U.S. for us – here’s how virtual power will make a real difference.

Infographic: Scaling Renewable Energy to Reduce Emissions

How our new commitment to renewable energy and other global energy practices are helping McDonald’s reach its science based target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and take action against climate change.

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