We’re giving Reno’s Ronald McDonald House some lovin’

June 12, 2020

John A. | Owner, John Anderson Construction | Reno, Nevada, USA

Your days are tough enough at the hospital. We wanted to help offer a bright, energeticpositive space to be.

In Reno, the 33-year-old Ronald McDonald House needed a lot of work, so we stepped in.

My family and company have supported the Ronald McDonald House Charities going back 15 years. When my oldest son had open heart surgery, my family relied on housing support while he was hospitalized. So when my construction company and our subcontractors had an opportunity to fast-track the renovation project for the local RMHC Chapter, I said let’s do this, let’s make it happen. 

The project was planned to start in about 6 months. But when three other construction projects were put on hold, everyone on our team decided to donate their time to this project to show our thanks. We bent over backwards to get this project done.

The House was temporarily emptied of residents and we got to work. We're just finishing the demolitions and have a lot of work planned for the House, which was built 33 years ago – kitchen upgrades, new floor coverings, new paint, outlets, light fixtures. You’re really walking into a new place.

We’ve also redone all the hallways, modified the offices and added a reception. Additionally, we’ve converted a room and existing apartment space to be a clean room where they can bring in an immune challenged child to stay so they don’t have to stay in the hospital the entire time.

People who work there and stay there will be in a better place. It’s important to look around and count our own blessings. Who’s in need right now? Do I have extra time? Resources? If so, what can I do with them? So we did what we could.

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