We’re sanitizing public schools in Jordan

June 17, 2020

Raed Alzghal | General Manager, McDonald's Jordan | Jordan


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McDonald’s Jordan General Manager Raed Alzghal shares how the organization has stepped up during COVID-19.
It’s the least we could do to express our gratitude.

McDonald's Jordan is an integral part of the Jordanian national fabric. We’re proud to stand together with local authorities and confront this pandemic.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we set up a comprehensive campaign to sanitize more than 55 public schools in the Kingdom of Jordan. We did this in partnership with local authorities and in accordance with instructions from the Jordanian Ministry of Health.

We made sure the same sanitization standards we have for our restaurants were met when the schools were cleaned – we want to help ensure our students remain healthy when they return to class after the pandemic.

We wanted to help in other ways, too. Since the pandemic began, we’ve donated $550,000 to support unemployed workers and the Ministry of Health. Additionally, during Ramadan, we donated breakfast meals to medical personnel and others who are at the forefront fighting COVID-19. It’s the least we could do to express our gratitude to them.

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