Editorial: SBTi Coalition Leadership on the impact of McDonald’s Climate Action

March 30, 2018

World Wildlife Fund Manager of Sustainable Business & Markets showcases the global impact of McDonald’s Climate Action

Last week, we announced our plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions related to McDonald’s restaurants and supply chain by 2030, prompting environmental leaders to applaud our Climate Action.  Alexander Liedke, WWF Manager of Sustainable Business & Markets, authored a blog with the Science Based Targets initiative that takes a deep dive into the steps outlined in our plan. The piece highlights the changes being implemented within our supply chain as “strengthening a growing movement working toward scaling up solutions to our planet’s climate crisis.

From the Science Based Targets initiative Blog:

Global supply chains are notoriously complex. But McDonald’s aims to work with its suppliers to identify practical solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and bring them to scale, and to chart a path for its franchisees, supply chain, customers and the environment.

Beef is one of the world’s largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions, and as a burger company, working in partnership with the beef industry will be a crucial component for McDonald’s success.

For example, in the UK, it has set up sustainable beef clubs, and has successfully cut emissions on some cattle farms by almost a quarter, while at the same time looking to improve the production process.

The restaurant chain aims to build on existing work on forests and agriculture, partnering with its supply chain to invest in programs that help produce its food without increasing greenhouse gas emissions.

Read the full blog here.

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