These selfless volunteers received $25,000 for their favorite charities

September 24, 2020

Five McDonald’s Global Volunteer Award Winners hear the news they’ve won.

At McDonald’s, we're committed to being good neighbors. We have a long history of volunteerism as an organization and we’re proud that so many members of our McFamily go above and beyond to serve others, inside and outside of work.  

Last spring, we announced to our McFamily that anyone in the McDonald’s System was eligible to win $25,000 for their favorite charity. The catch? Each winner had to be passionate about a charitable cause, and actively dedicating their time and talent to make a meaningful difference in others’ lives. 

We received hundreds of nominations showcasing all the good restaurant employees, franchisees, suppliers and corporate staff are doing all over the world.  

Now, we’re thrilled to introduce the six winners of our Global Volunteer Awards: 

  • Julia V. from Arcos Dorados (Brazil) 
  • David T., a Franchisee (Taiwan) 
  • John P. from Golden State Foods (USA) 
  • Renata B., a restaurant employee (Poland) 
  • Jessica B. from McDonald’s Corporate (USA) 
  • Blanca M. from Cargill (USA) 

We’re so proud of our winners for their passion and dedication. In the video above, watch Julia, David, John, Renata and Jessica all find out they’ve won, hidden-camera style. Below, watch Blanca finding out she’s won in a similarly sneaky way. 

Blanca M. from Cargill finds out she’s won a Global Volunteer Award.

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