We’re serving surprises at the Drive Thru

June 12, 2020

Scott H. | Franchisee | Columbus, Ohio, USA


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Spreading the love: We’re giving away meals and asking customers to “pay” with a heart.

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In these tough times, we wanted to shine a light on all of the good we see in our community every day.

We introduced our own feel-good moments program to bring some joy to our crew members and our customers.

When customers come through the Drive Thru, we surprise them at the pickup window by allowing them to pay with a smile and a heart-shaped hand gesture. The days and times of the program are not announced so it’s a true surprise.

We’ve given away more than 1,000 meals over the past few months with this program. The communities love “paying with kindness,” and our crew members love to be a part of bringing this small token of happiness to an individual or a family.

Now more than ever we need to stand side by side and remind each other to be kind.

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