Our social challenge helped us cope with the challenge of social distancing

April 26, 2020

Rich M. & Jane B. | Crew Member and Franchisee | UK


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It was inspiring to see so many videos created by other restaurants and their teams.

As restaurants closed, crew members in the UK created a social challenge to keep our team connected.

The crisis has left us all feeling a bit disconnected. As we are all very close, our team was looking for a way to feel a sense of togetherness. 

The TikTok video we created as a team was the fantastic idea of one of our employees Lily.

One member of staff at Ron Mounsey's Morfa restaurant, Lily, came up with the brilliant and really fun Hat Challenge video idea. Soon, each of us had created a video of ourselves and we stitched them all together to create the end product that I hope you will all view, enjoy, share and even participate!

We’ve been very inspired by all the other restaurants that have joined our Hat Challenge and submitted videos, and we hope it brings everyone a little bit of joy and a feeling of connectedness until the time comes when we can get back to work, to our restaurants, and to each other.


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