McDonald’s Continues Big Mac® Innovation with Launch of Sriracha Big Mac®

Sriracha Big Mac Newsroom

November 14, 2016

Spicy new Big Mac burger being tested in Central Ohio

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Nov. 14, 2016) –126 McDonald’s restaurants in the Central Ohio area are exclusively releasing a new take on the classic Big Mac sandwich, now reimagined with the zing of Sriracha. The newest creation follows the success of the region’s test of the Grand Mac™ and Mac Jr.™ in the spring of 2016.
"The Sriracha Big Mac is a fresh take on a classic American sandwich, infusing the great taste of our iconic cheeseburgers with the heat and zing that consumers have grown to love from Sriracha," said Scott Nickell, Central Ohio Co-op president. “Offering the addition of Sriracha to our Big Mac Special Sauce was a fun way for our Culinary Innovations team to think outside the box and continue to answer the call of our customers who are always looking for the next great innovation in food experience and taste."
Central Ohio is the only market that will be featuring the new burger. The region will gather valuable feedback from consumers to determine whether the sandwich will expand to restaurants nationwide.
“There’s no doubt that the Big Mac is a legend and a great-tasting burger with hints of pickle relish, mustard, garlic and onions,” said McDonald’s Chef Mike Haracz. “We’re always trying new creations and we wanted to innovate with an on-trend flavor like Sriracha to give our customers in Columbus a new and exciting taste.”
McDonald’s will also offer consumers the option to order the Sriracha Big Mac sauce a la carte as a spicy and savory dipping sauce for McNuggets and their World Famous Fries. Customers will now be able to customize any item on the menu with spicy sriracha and heat up the end of 2016!
The Sriracha Big Mac and Dipping Sauce will be a limited-time offer through December 31, 2016 at participating McDonald’s restaurants in Central Ohio.  Consumers can participate in the fun by tagging their Sriracha Big Mac experience with the hashtag #SrirachaMac on Twitter and Facebook as well as tune in to the Columbus McDonald’s social media through the campaign for special giveaways and news @McDonaldsCBUS.
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