Summer Internships at MHQ

July 15, 2019

This summer at MHQ, we excitedly launched our new 10-week summer internship program within Finance, Marketing, and People (HR). Our 15 interns are not only taking on day-to-day responsibilities within their teams but are tackling both an individual project and a group project as well. They have been hard at work solving business challenges, making recommendations to their teams, and leaving a lasting impact not only on their teams but on our business. Beyond their responsibilities, we also offer opportunities to join roundtable discussions with functional leaders, establish relationships with cross-functional teams, explore the workings of our restaurants, and participate in engaging social events throughout the city.

Here’s what a few of our interns had to say about their experience at McDonald’s:

“Working with USRD this summer has been the best experience of my life. My internship project focused on strategizing our company’s real estate goals has had its trials and triumphs, but in all of my professional experience, I have never worked with such an incredibly talented, hard-working group of people, all motivated by bringing feel good moments to each and every customer. I know that I will cherish my time spent this summer forever, and I thank the entire McD team for embracing the new internship program with such open arms.” – Caroline Slack, USRD Intern, University of Michigan

“This program lands in the top percentile in terms of best internship experiences. Every day of the summer has been filled with learning, mentorship, and hard work. From all the 1 on 1 meetings, to companywide experiences like OPNAD, and even chicken nugget photoshoots – I have loved every second of it! I am so grateful for this opportunity and hope this program receives the recognition it deserves”- Francie Ruppert, Marketing Intern, University of Cinncinati

“My experience at McDonald’s has been nothing but amazing. The work culture here has made this internship really fun and engaging. I love working with a company that makes millions of people happy every day.” –Marco Espino, People Intern, Northwestern University

And it’s not only the interns that are learning this summer- their managers are also making the most of their time with these students, too.

“I have been really impressed with the caliber of our interns. They are organized, thoughtful in their work, and complete tasks efficiently. We are excited to see the impact of our interns’ projects and how they will impact in the U.S. business in the area of People. We are looking forward to communicating with operators differently and more effectively through their project work.” – Alexa Morse, Manager, Talent Projects

“Having worked with other intern programs over the years, I think the thoughtful approach to a one intern one project has been very beneficial. It keeps the intern focused on the project without being pulled in different directions. I think both the company and the intern will feel a greater sense of accomplishment at the end of the program. “ – Bob O’Connell, Manager, Real Estate

We’re thrilled to see the progress our interns have made this summer- their time, energy, and dedication are invaluable. We can’t wait to see where this experience takes them in the future. 

And this year, our 2019 Summer Internship Program has been nominated for the WayUp top 100 internship program list. For those interested in supporting our internship program, you can learn more about voting on the National Intern Day website.