How We’re Supporting Our Communities in Germany After Devastating Floods

August 25, 2021

Severe flooding recently devastated parts of Germany, leaving many homes, businesses and lives lost. McDonald’s Germany has strong roots in the affected communities and was eager to support those whose lives were impacted by the floods.

After the disaster, we immediately opened several McDonald’s restaurants in affected areas so we could provide free food and water to the first responders aiding in rescue and clean-up. We also donated food and beverages to locals who’d been displaced and were staying in emergency shelters. Over the past few weeks, with the help of our Owner/Operators and suppliers like HAVI, we’ve distributed food and beverages to many people.

Unfortunately, several McDonald's restaurant and corporate employees also suffered considerable property damage due to the floods. In some cases, employees lost their homes and all their belongings. We quickly moved to provide emergency financial aid to those in our McFamily whose lives were impacted by the flooding in an attempt to help them get back on their feet.

Additionally, together with McDonald’s Germany Board of Management and Owner/Operators, we decided to launch a fundraising campaign to help rebuild two care homes that were destroyed in the floods. Through this fundraising campaign, we’re hoping to ensure that both facilities, which care for individuals with mental and physical disabilities, will soon resume operations and continue their important work.

As Germany continues to navigate the aftermath of severe flooding, we remain committed to serving our communities through good times and bad.

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