McDonald’s supports healthcare organizations while they support the health of local community members

April 23, 2020

Rock River Valley mobile donation center parked at McDonald's

During a time of national crisis, we’re proud to continue providing communities, and especially our local frontline heroes with a delicious and convenient meal option. Restaurants across the country are now offering free Thank You Meals to healthcare workers and first responders as a token of appreciation for their selfless service. Thank You Meals, served in our iconic Happy Meal box, are available day or night until Tuesday, May 5. It’s our honor to serve them.

In addition to this nationwide effort to fuel our healthcare heroes, all three legs of McDonald’s stool - Owner/Operators, suppliers and the company – are finding creative solutions to ensure local healthcare organizations like blood donation centers and hospitals have the supplies they need to continue serving communities during this challenging time.

When blood banks declared an urgent need for supply, our Owner/Operators encouraged community members to donate.

Owner/Operator Guy Bucciferro knows blood drives are essential to ensuring the health of our communities. That’s why he turned his restaurant’s parking lot in Rockford, Ill., into a blood donation center for the Rock River Valley Blood Center. Each blood donor received two free meal coupons for their contribution. It was a win-win for everyone involved: donors had a convenient location to donate blood and were rewarded with a free meal, while the blood donation center was able to help refill the blood bank.

”We have partnered with the blood center for many years,” Bucciferro said. “When the increased need was identified, they knew, as always, that they could utilize our organization’s footprint at any time as they would with any other demand. I have an incredible team that takes their role seriously as being a beacon in our communities and this is one of many examples of how they have done so.”

A woman donating blood

Pensacola, Fla. Owner/Operators John and Susan O’Connor were also concerned about the pressing need for blood and plasma in their local community. Knowing their crew is full of individuals with big hearts and a desire to help during the crisis, they decided to rally their own #McFamily to answer the desperate call for blood donations by offering $50 to any team member who donates blood in the month of April. For employees who are not able to donate blood themselves, family members can donate on their behalf.

Our suppliers are switching gears to provide hospitals with the healthcare supplies they need.

JBI, the supplier for McDonald’s restaurant seating and decor, was eager to contribute to the cause. They’re using their materials and expertise to produce face masks for local hospitals in Long Beach and Orange County, Calif. JBI’s first donation was delivered to Long Beach Memorial Hospital, and they’re working to source more material to increase production so they can donate to additional organizations.

A woman sewing masks

And, of course, Owner/Operators around the country continue to fuel their local healthcare heroes with daily deliveries of free breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night meals.

The Walach franchise organization delivered breakfast to the local Rhode Island National Guard COVID-19 Testing Site in Warwick, R.I. Happy to be able to give back to the brave individuals committed to keeping their country safe and healthy, Owner/Operator Steve Walach said, “What a great feeling to be able to support first responders with a hot breakfast!”

Meals donated to a Covid-19 testing site in Rhode Island

Jason and Victoria Bustos, Owner/Operators of McDonald’s near the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon, dropped off thoughtful thank you baskets to three local hospitals. Each basket contained 80 Combo Meal and breakfast sandwich coupons, as well as plenty of snacks and kind notes of appreciation.

Collage of thank you baskets dropped off in Oregon

Ron Lydick, an Owner Operator in Millinocket, Maine, donated hundreds of coupons to his local hospital, and he couldn’t help but smile when he read an email from their donations coordinator, saying, “What you refer to as a small gesture is a grand gesture to us. It will certainly bring some smiles and comfort to each of us knowing we’re thought of and appreciated--especially during these uncertain, stressful times.”

We are so appreciative of the generosity we’ve seen from our #McFamily as they continue to foster community and support healthcare organizations in their time of need.

About McDonald’s Corp. U.S. COVID-19 Relief Efforts

McDonald’s approach to challenging situations is guided by our belief that we are all in this together, and our system has come together in extraordinary ways to help each other, our customers and the communities we serve. In the U.S. we remain committed to leading by example as an organization, which is why we’ve donated $3.1 million in food to support local communities, made commitments to support truck drivers across the country, donated 1 million masks to Chicago and the state of Illinois and donated $1 Million to the Illinois COVID-19 Response Fund to ensure non-profits in our home state have the supplies they need during this time. McDonald’s has always been a home base for our communities, and we’re proud to provide calm and comfort to them during this crisis. We are here to serve.

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