McDonald's Restaurant Gives Customers a Taste of History While Enjoying a Burger

January 15, 2016

Boston is home to one of the most unique and impressive McDonald’s restaurants in the United States. Located in the historic town of Freeport, Maine, the restaurant operates inside the Gore House – a classical Victorian mansion constructed in the 1850s by William Gore, a successful local merchant. McDonald’s assumed control over the property in January 1984 and was excited to begin renovations while still maintaining the building’s historical structure and community ties.
McDonald’s restored the interior of the Gore House with mahogany furniture, wall-to-wall carpeting and original paintings by Maine artists[1]. The façade of the mansion remained mostly untouched though minor renovations were made to the exterior enhancing the longevity of the building.    
Freeport 's historical significance is unquestionable. Following the Revolutionary War, Porter’s Landing served as a pivotal port for constructing ships and was even utilized during the War of 1812[2]. Shipyards in the south were used consistently until 1880, and wooden boat building took place for a brief time period during the WWI and WWII eras[3]. The town has always maintained its historical roots and McDonald’s is proud to be a part of this rich tradition.
While renovations to the restaurant have taken place since 1984 – including a Drive-Thru in 2000 with audio added in 2010 – the Gore House remains one of the most notable landmarks in Freeport. To this day, the restaurant still attracts customers for its creative design, important history and of course – delicious food!

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