We’re Building a Better McDonald’s by Continuing to Transform the Employee and Customer Experience

June 20, 2019


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We’re Building a Better McDonald’s by Continuing to Transform the Employee and Customer Experience


Running great restaurants is our foundation and our people are central to that.

In recent years, we’ve raised the bar on the restaurant experience, what it means to be a modern employer and the quality of food we serve to over 65 million people every day. 

For customers, our digital evolution and restaurant transformations have made it simpler and easier to get our food on their terms. Our Global Mobile App, delivery options and decision logic technology are already elevating customers’ experiences. And as we transform our restaurants, we’re introducing new job positions and trainings that will equip crew with valuable skills that will stick with them for life. 

Now, we’re turning our attention to our kitchens.

Starting first at our Innovation Center and deploying to a handful of restaurants, we are exploring restaurant innovations to evolve the way food is ordered, cooked and served. We’re testing to see how these innovations can alleviate pressure on restaurant employees, making it simpler and more enjoyable to serve our customers. The innovations we’re testing can also help enable crew to have a sharper customer focus and to further develop key soft skills, such as teamwork, customer service and responsibility. 

The types of restaurant innovations we’re testing are rooted in a culture of innovation that keeps us looking for better ways serve our customers and support employees. 

We’re a people business. Through new skills acquired to manage and troubleshoot the latest technology and innovations, or the building of soft skills to manage changing customer service needs, McDonald’s can play a foundational role in developing a workforce to take on the jobs of the future. Ultimately, our mission remains to build a better McDonald’s – inside and out.