Five Things to Know about Desiree Ralls-Morrison, McDonald’s Incoming General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

March 29, 2021

Desiree Ralls-Morrison joined McDonald’s on April 26 as General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, overseeing global legal operations and corporate governance.

Get to know Desiree with five quick facts about her!

1. Family comes first. Desiree’s family are more important than anything else she does. But she recognizes that she’s a better mother and spouse when she’s happy and fulfilled in her job. She is proud of the positive perspectives her sons have about working women and hard work.

2. Integrity is at the core of everything she does. Desiree's favorite phrase is something her mother repeatedly told her and her brother growing up, "It's never right to do wrong." Desiree tries to live by these words in her personal and professional life, ensuring that ethics and integrity are an important part of everything she does.

3. Continuous learning and development are critical. If Desiree’s not growing or being challenged, then something has to change. She believes we all excel when we’re expanding our thinking and learning new things. It’s this commitment to ongoing development that led Desiree to be named one of the most powerful women in corporate America by Black Enterprise Magazine and one of the top innovative General Counsels around the world by the Financial Times.

4. She believes in the value of diversity and authenticity. Throughout her career, Desiree has understood and appreciated the value of inclusion and how much benefit comes from diversity. What she values in people is what makes them unique,  recognizing that diversity increases innovation and revenues. She doesn’t want people who just agree with the status quo, she wants to hear everyone’s voice and wants people to be their authentic self.

5. She’s excited to join McDonald’s because…she recognizes the role that McDonald’s plays at the heart of every community it serves. Desiree knows that while the challenges are complex, the opportunities are significant, and she is proud and humbled to join a company with such a vital purpose and broad impact.

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