Food Safety, Everyone’s Business

June 07, 2019

McDonald’s customers expect and trust that, no matter where they are in the world, McDonald's food is safe for them and their families. This trust is one reason that food safety is McDonald's number one priority and a core part of our mission - to serve safe and delicious food to our customers each and every day.  Beyond McDonald’s, food safety is a priority issue that has global attention. On June 7, McDonald's will join United Nations' (UN) organizations, businesses, governments, the general public and food and health organizations in celebrating the first annual World Food Safety Day, created by the UN in 2018 to focus the world on the importance of food safety.

The theme of this year's celebration, "Food safety, everyone's business", is also the foundation of McDonald's approach to food safety.  McDonald's empowers everyone - from suppliers that grow the food for our restaurants, to restaurant owners, to crew members and even our CEO and corporate staff - to bring ideas and take action to elevate food safety. 

Because McDonald's believes that everyone has a role in supporting food safety, we focus on it in many different ways, including:

- Promoting a Food Safety Culture throughout McDonald's with programs to educate employees about food safety practices.

- In our supply chain, McDonald’s has developed and implemented food safety standards based on food safety best practices. Our suppliers must comply with McDonald’s food safety requirements and are audited on their compliance.

- In the restaurants, restaurant crew members and managers are trained in food safety. Crew members conduct daily food safety checks in all McDonald's restaurants. 

McDonald's uses these and other programs to engage everyone in the culture of food safety and to understand that from farm to fork food safety is everyone's business. On this first World Safety day, we congratulate the organizers of World Food Safety Day, the World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organization, for raising awareness about the importance and relevance of food safety.