5 Things To Know About the Evolution of Accelerating the Arches

Customer with cellphone, eating McDonald's

January 06, 2023

McDonald’s is operating from a position of strength. Our updated growth strategy is focused on staying ahead of what our customers want and realizing further growth potential within our “M-C-D” pillars. Here’s what you need to know about the evolution of Accelerating the Arches:

1. Further elevating our marketing tailwind through creative excellence – Our customers’ love for the McDonald’s brand is truly special. Culturally relevant campaigns, like Famous Orders, are driving growth and elevating the entire brand. We will continue leaning into that strategy and scale platforms across markets to find new ways to tap into the zeitgeist and have fun with our customers.

2. Driving new ways to bring our core menu to life – Our customers crave simple and familiar favorites like Big Macs and World Famous Fries. We continue to improve on our classics, stepping up our game on the menu items that built our heritage to deliver hotter, juicier, more delicious burgers to our customers across the globe. We will also build on the success of new global favorites like the McCrispy Chicken Sandwich, while leaning into core icons like Chicken McNuggets. Chicken will continue to be a growth driver as we look to keep growing our global market share.

3. Unlocking even more growth potential from the 3Ds (Digital, Delivery, Drive Thru) – In our top six markets, digital represents over one-third of systemwide sales, including orders placed through McDelivery, our mobile app or restaurant kiosks. We’re creating an even more personalized and convenient experience when our customers order digitally, enabling us to serve up relevant offers, make them feel more connected to McDonald’s and increase visits and engagement. That includes our loyalty program, which we’ve expanded to over 50 markets. In the U.S., for example, our digital business is powered by more than 25 million active customers, driven through MyMcDonald’s Rewards.

4. Adding a 4th “D,” Restaurant Development, to capture increased demand – We will accelerate the pace of our restaurant openings to fully capture the increased demand we have driven through our M-C-D pillars over the past few years. We see opportunity for further growth in many of our major markets. This may include testing concepts like the Order Ahead Lane at McDonald’s new restaurant in Fort Worth, Texas, to drive convenience for customers.

5. Implementing Accelerating the Organization to help make us faster, more innovative and more efficient – Our people will be critical to driving the next chapter of Accelerating the Arches forward. Morgan, Skye, Andrew and Spero will lead key elements of our evolved strategy. At the same time, we continue to listen and learn from the entire McDonald’s System. To fully capture opportunities for growth, we will modernize our ways of working through an initiative called Accelerating the Organization to solve problems for our customers and people and scale innovations faster than ever before.


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