Committed to Being America’s Best First Job

The skills, connections and community gained at McDonald’s help set Crew up for success – no matter where their future takes them


Earning the phrase “Committed to Being America’s Best First Job” is no small feat. The soft skills learned at McDonald’s, and the unique experiences that connect our diverse community of Crew are just part of what makes McDonald’s a great place to work. It’s why 1 in 8 Americans have worked at a McDonald’s restaurant – going on to accomplish success in their careers whether underneath the Golden Arches or beyond.

McDonald’s is committed to helping employees further their education and achieve their dreams. One of the many ways we do this is through Archways to Opportunity, a holistic education program that meets Crew where they are – whether they’re interested in learning English-language skills, getting a high school diploma or moving on to a college degree. Since Archways began in 2015, McDonald’s has increased access to education for more than 82,500 restaurant employees and awarded over $185 million in tuition assistance, underscoring the brand’s commitment to setting people up for lifelong success.

Check out inspiring stories from current McDonald’s Crew and recent Archways graduates, Elizabeth and Ana, on how the program helped them follow their dreams.

Finding a New Passion Through Archways to Opportunity

Achieving Dreams Through Archways to Opportunity

It’s inspiring to see the skills learned behind the counter transfer across other industries and into new opportunities. The connections created on the job also stay with Crew, even if they’ve moved beyond the Golden Arches. McDonald’s 1 in 8 initiative ensures they always remain a part of our community and will continue to have access and support from fellow members for the rest of their lives. Because where you start stays with you, and what you learn at America’s Best First Job will guide you no matter where life takes you.


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