Governance Resources

Board Committees

Audit and Finance Committee Charter
(Download PDF - 130 KB)


Compensation Committee Charter
(Download PDF - 104 KB)


Executive Committee Charter
(Download PDF - 66.5 KB)


Governance Committee Charter
(Download PDF - 115 KB)


Public Policy and Strategy Committee Charter
(Download PDF - 110 KB)


Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Committee Charter
(Download PDF - 104 KB)


Guidelines & Policies

Amended & Restated 2012 Omnibus Stock Ownership Plan
(Download PDF - 314 KB)


Audit and Non-Audit Services Policy
(Download PDF - 148 KB)


Corporate Governance Principles
(Download PDF - 140 KB)


Director Selection Process
(Download PDF - 63.2 KB)


Director Stock Ownership Guidelines
(Download PDF - 71 KB)


Executive Stock Ownership and Retention Policy
(Download PDF - 150 KB)


Hedging & Pledging of McDonald's Stock
(Download PDF - 188 KB)


Standards on Director Independence
(Download PDF - 87 KB)

Certificate of Incorporation & By-Laws

By-Laws with effect as of January 18, 2023

(Download PDF - 238 KB)


Restated Certificate of Incorporation

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Corporate Governance Fact Sheet

Size of Board12
Number of Independent Directors11
Annual Review of Independence of BoardYes
Separate Chairman and CEOYes
Independent ChairmanYes
Charters for Board CommitteesYes
Independent Audit & Finance CommitteeYes
Number of Financial Experts on Audit & Finance Committee4
Independent Governance CommitteeYes
Independent Compensation CommitteeYes
Compensation Consultant Independence PolicyYes
Independent Directors Hold Meetings Without Management PresentYes
Annual Board ElectionsYes
Directors Elected by the Vote of a Majority of Votes Cast in Uncontested ElectionsYes
Annual Board and Committee EvaluationsYes
Annual Individual Director EvaluationsYes
Director Stock Ownership and Holding RequirementsYes
Executive Stock Ownership and Holding RequirementsYes
Corporate Governance Guidelines Approved by BoardYes
Charter Poison PillNo
Corporate Compliance ProgramYes
Standards of Business Conduct (which includes special provisions for finance professionals)Yes
Board Orientation and Education ProgramYes
Proxy Access BylawsYes

Standards of Business Conduct

McDonald's is committed to conducting business ethically and in compliance with the letter and spirit of the law. This commitment is reflected in McDonald's Values. Inherent in each value is our commitment to be ethical, truthful and dependable and this is reflected through our Standards of Business Conduct which serves as a guide to making good decisions and conducting business ethically.

Each year McDonald's employees certify that they have read and will abide by our Standards of Business Conduct. Employees also complete regular training on the Standards, anti-bribery laws, and various other laws, regulations and company-specific policies. In addition, McDonald's and its employees in all countries must comply with the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). To ensure compliance, McDonald's has adopted a Global Anti-Corruption Policy, which contains guidance for employees on all applicable anti-bribery laws, including the FCPA. In general, the FCPA prohibits improper payments to government officials for the purpose of obtaining or keeping business or improperly influencing government action. The anti-bribery prohibition applies to corrupt payments made directly or indirectly, through a third party. In addition to the FCPA, the Global Anti-Corruption Policy requires compliance with anti-bribery laws in other parts of the world, such as the UK Bribery Act, which have international jurisdiction and prohibit the giving of bribes to any government official as well as private entities and individuals. Employees in McDonald's international offices complete an annual certification of compliance with their local version of the Standards and complete annual anti-bribery training. McDonald's Global Compliance Office monitors and enforces the company's policies prohibiting money laundering, bribery and doing business with terrorist groups, as directed by the US Patriot Act, the FCPA and Executive Order 13224.


Codes of Conduct Resources

Supplier Code of Conduct

(Download PDF - 1.4 MB)


Director Code of Conduct

(Download PDF - 80 KB)


Business Integrity International Contact Numbers

(Download PDF - 64 KB)


Standards of Business Conduct By Market

Australia Standards of Business Conduct - English

Austria Standards of Business Conduct - German

Belgium Standards of Business Conduct - Dutch

Belgium Standards of Business Conduct - French

Canada Standards of Business Conduct - English

Canada Standards of Business Conduct - French

Czech Standards of Business Conduct - Czech

France Standards of Business Conduct - French (updated version coming soon)

Germany Standards of Business Conduct - German

Italy Standards of Business Conduct

Korea Standards of Business Conduct

Netherlands Standards of Business Conduct

New Zealand Standards of Business Conduct

Poland Standards of Business Conduct - Polish

Portugal Standards of Business Conduct - Portuguese

Slovakia Standards of Business Conduct - Slovak

Spain Standards of Business Conduct - Spanish

Switzerland Standards of Business Conduct - French

Switzerland Standards of Business Conduct - German

Ukraine Standards of Business Conduct - Ukranian

United Kingdom Standards of Business Conduct - English

United States Standards of Business Conduct - English

United States Standards of Business Conduct - Spanish


Human Rights Policy

Fostering safe, inclusive, and respectful workplaces, wherever we do business, has been integral to the Company for over 60 years and we will continue to hold ourselves to the highest standards. We take seriously our responsibility to act with due diligence to avoid infringing on the rights of others and to address any impact on human rights if they occur.

At McDonald’s, we conduct our activities in a manner that respects human rights as set out in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. Our commitment to respect human rights is defined in our Human Rights Policy, which applies to McDonald’s Corporation and our wholly-owned subsidiaries worldwide.

Our Policy is guided by internationally recognized standards, including the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the International Bill of Human Rights, and the principles set out in the International Labour Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. Where the Company may impact the human rights of particularly vulnerable groups, such as migrant laborers, indigenous peoples, women, or children, we are also guided by other international standards that elaborate on their rights.


Human Rights Policies by Market

Canada Human Rights Policy - French - PDF 212 KB

Czech Republic Human Rights Policy - Czech - PDF 214 KB

France Human Rights Policy - French - PDF 210 KB

Germany Human Rights Policy - German - PDF 211 KB

Italy Human Rights Policy - Italian - PDF 207 KB

Latin America Human Rights Policy - Spanish - PDF 209 KB

Netherlands Human Rights Policy - Dutch - PDF 208 KB

Poland Human Rights Policy - Polish - PDF 212 KB

Portugal Human Rights Policy - Portuguese - PDF 215 KB

Russia Human Rights Policy - Russian - PDF 388 KB

Slovakia Human Rights Policy - Slovak - PDF 214 KB

Spain Human Rights Policy - Spanish - PDF 210 KB

Switzerland Human Rights Policy - German - PDF 217 KB

Ukraine Human Rights Policy - Ukrainian - PDF 386 KB

United States Human Rights Policy - English - PDF 221 KB


Human Rights Policy Reports

Human Rights Report

(Download PDF - 143 KB)

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